There are a million good reasons to come to London, and business is one of the best ones. But would you really feel safe taking a taxi, or much less walking through an enormous city you don’t know with a large amount of money or other valuables on you? Or maybe you don’t have time to visit at all, and need someone trustworthy to get your assets to their destination?

That’s where we come in.

Our experienced, no-nonsense team of VIP London escorts will keep you and anyone and anything important to you safe every step of the way. All of our escorts London are responsible, experienced professionals who undergo regular police safety checks to ensure that you and your possessions are in the best hands possible. Our team is also highly trained to use all of the weapons in our arsenal, as well as the high-technology tracking and communication systems we use that allow us to pinpoint the exact location of your valuables at any moment. If need be, we will also create specific crowd control-plans and provide you with detailed reports on your surroundings before you arrive at your destination. Smartly uniformed, or plain clothes if you prefer, our VIP London escorts offer the best protection available in the city of in London.

VIP escort services are used regularly by the wealthiest and most successful people of the business and entertainment worlds, and for good reason – London’s city center, chock-full of banks, shops and business of every shape and size, offers notoriously good pickings for thieves. England and Wales’ latest crime figures also show an 18% rise in violent crime, including a 20% surge in gun and knife crime. Worldwide crime statistics tell us that armed robberies, hijackings and similar crimes cost both governments and the private industry R90 billion a year. Thanks to our VIP London escorts, you can stop worrying about the safety of your money, jewelry, documents or artwork, and concentrate on the business you came to do.

As our client, you receive:

  • a highly trained, armed escort (in a marked or unmarked vehicle, with or without uniforms, depending on your preference)
  • a guarantee of the safe transport of your person and assets to the destination
    complete confidentiality

Who are our services for? Anyone who feels they need them, including but not limited to:

  • politicians
  • entertainers, sports figures and celebrities
  • business executives
  • witnesses in protection programs
  • religious leaders
  • VIPs
  • private citizens

Are security and confidentiality your utmost priorities? Do you have any worries that you may not be completely safe where you’re going? Is an item you are planning to transport to a new location invaluable and irreplaceable? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form below, so we can get get in touch to discuss all of your needs and concerns.